The Do’s and Don’ts of Selling Your Clothes Online

After years of fashion investment, your closet might be cluttered with clothes that you’ve grown out of, or you simply don’t like them anymore. Naturally, you’ll think of donating them to charity or gifting your family or friends. But, did you know that you can turn the used clothes into cash by listing them on websites, such as Tradesy, Poshmark and Material World? Well, before you get excited and start listing them on those websites, here are the things that you should and shouldn’t do:

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Iron out scuffs, stains, and creases before selling clothes online

Don’t get it twisted; used clothes can fetch good money. However, scuffs, stains, and creases can dramatically lower their value. That’s why you need to spruce up your clothes before taking pictures and listing them on used clothing resale websites. Take time to properly remove the stains and scuffs using home remedies like polish remover. Also, take time to iron the clothes to remove creases to make them look their best. For more examples on how to properly sell your clothes, click here.

Perform a little research about selling used clothes online

Go on a research spree to discover the fashion trends on demand and if your used clothes fit the bill. Doing a little bit of research will help you determine if your used clothes are on demand. The fashion industry is weird; fashion trends change weekly. So you should be in the know of current fashion trends to mitigate the possibility of your clothes sitting on those used clothes resale websites and not attracting buyers.

Ensure that you’re willing to sell your clothes

When decluttering your closet of clothes you don’t need any more, it’s easy to get sentimental because some clothes mean a lot to you and you might end up depressed if you let them go. Before deciding to sell any of your clothes, make sure you are ready to let it go. If you’re not ready to let it go, then don’t sell it. After all, money doesn’t buy happiness.


Don’t sell low-quality clothes

Whether you like it or not, clothes are a part of our identity. Clothes emphasize a particular level of professionalism or social status. Low-quality clothes look terrible on people. If a certain cloth is too tight or too loose on people, they will end up feeling uncomfortable and won’t return to buy clothes from you. Remember that word of mouth can either make you or break you; Putting up low-quality clothes for sale turns off buyers faster than you can ever imagine. Nobody wants to waste their time telling other prospective buyers about their awful experiences.

Don’t underprice your clothes

Pricing entirely depends on the market, but your pricing plan depends on where you’re selling the clothes. The first impression is everything, and you wouldn’t want to scare off buyers with rip-off or very low prices. If you’re selling through a bid system or an auction system, it’s certainly a great idea to set higher asking prices than what you’re actually expecting. On the other side, if you’re selling to a group of people directly, it’s advisable to be realistic with the asking price.

Don’t tell lies

Some clothes might be worn out but presenting any defects upfront will help preserve your seller ratings and reputation.  A great reputation means everything in a consignment circle.


To be successful in your business of selling clothes, be sure to put up clean clothes that are well ironed and without any holes. Every buyer wants to be guaranteed that what they are buying will fit the just as they like.