With so many options to sell jewelry online, it is quite logical that many people are asking the same question – is it a good idea to sell jewelry on Etsy? There is no straight answer to this question, but in this article, we will try to explain how Etsy works and who can expect success.

To start with, it is a little bit difficult to sell any kind of goods that are relatively easy to make like charms on chains and beaded things. There are many online shops selling the same kind of items based on mass produced supplies. Etsy allows sellers to create jewelry and list these pieces of jewelry regardless of the number of similar or almost same items found on the website. So, it is possible to sell a few of these items due to the fact that they are not exactly the same, but the truth is that this market is a little bit saturated.

In case you possess professional skills that you have acquired in college or through self-teaching and you are able to create something original and unseen before, you will definitely have a greater chance to sell a lot of items on Etsy. Of course, jewelry is not an exception. Etsy is a platform where visitors (potential buyers) are expecting to find unique, handcrafted items. Most of them are prepared to pay a realistic price for these items. In other words, they are not necessarily looking for cheap items. That’s why it might be a smart move to focus on a niche audience. This means that you should not try to create jewelry that you can sell to everyone. Think about specific categories of people that might be interested in your products.

In addition, people should not forget that Etsy is home to sellers that belong to different categories too. For instance, there are many true professionals that use this website to showcase their exclusive work. There are also hobbyists who are testing this market. Sadly, it appears that there are many resellers on this website too and this is definitely not fair.

There are a few other things that you should consider when preparing to sell jewelry on Etsy. For instance, many people are investing in good descriptions written by professional writers. Most of them are taking high-quality photos of their items which is very important too.

If you are still not sure whether you should start a business there or not, maybe you should get involved in the Etsy community through their forums.


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